Founded in 2015, the Dr. Dale K. Lumpa Movement Foundation was started to honor the late Dr. Dale Lumpa. 

Dr. Lumpa worked for 30 years in education with a focus towards physical fitness.  Dale’s passions were empowering children and motivating people to pursue lifelong fitness. He was fascinated by the latest brain research that showed what an impact movement made on brain development, brain functions, and how exercise exercise benefits students' learning in the classroom and prevents dementia in the aging population. He co-wrote three inspiring books for educators: Motivating and Inspiring Teachers, Editions 1 & 2, Great Quotes for Great Educators.  Dale was shockingly diagnosed with cancer in March, 2014 and fought bravely until November, 2015. For more on the foundation, please visit the Dr. Dale K. Lumpa Movement Foundation website. 

Dr. Lumpa was inspired by many people. Among them are Cal Ripken (Orioles #8) and Johnny Unitas (Baltimore Colts #19). And for this reason, we ask for a $27 donation (8+19=27) if you plan on being a LumpaDash Deviant. 

The Lumpa Dash is the inaugural event of the Dr. Dale K. Lumpa Movement. We run to honor Dr. Lumpa, to honor his work, and to continue his legacy. Get active with us!